A revolutionary approach
to online fitness

Offer your clients a virtual version of yourself, make them feel that you're there to watch, guide, and correct them anytime

Boost your online sessions with advanced AI

Measure how effective your workouts are simply by checking the analytics. Get a handle on your clients’ workout data and monitor them over time.

Movement tracking, measurable results, and fitness analytics provided by Morla Moves will unlock your true potential by giving you the power to boost your clients’ experience while providing you further insights into their needs.

Real-Time Correction

Morla Moves' technology detects key points of the user's body and corrects their form and posture in real-time.

AI Technology

Morla Moves' AI technology provides feedback to pinpoint users' strengths and weaknesses, allowing trainers to know users’ specific exercise abilities.

Statistics & Analytics

Morla uses data analytics to track the results of each workout, so you can provide more accurate recommendations and in-demand routines.

No ads, no interruptions
Focused and result-oriented fitness

Bring recorded fitness alive

Morla Moves is assisting personal trainers in providing the most helpful instructions remotely, making recorded fitness content come alive with corrections and engagement.

Motivate by results

Maintaining correct form during exercise is crucial to seeing quick results and reaching goals. Morla Moves‘ advanced technology lets users track their form in real-time, providing instant self-improvement opportunities and giving you the chance to boost your clients’ motivation instantly.

Go online

Personal Training is going online. Are you ready to take your training to the next level?