Guided fitness with
real-time correction

Are your online fitness sessions effective?

The main problem trainers face during online sessions is that they can’t tell if their clients are making progress. Are they doing enough reps over time? Are they completing the workouts? Can they maintain the correct form during the exercise?

The perfect solution: Create a virtual version of yourself

Morla Moves assists personal trainers with real-time correction, bringing fitness to a whole new level. Your online sessions are now more effective, result-oriented, and safe with Morla Moves.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) feedback helps users to monitor their alignment and how they execute a specific move. That is how we ensure each lift, squat, and plank is done in proper form through your online sessions.

Join Morla Moves and perfect your sessions

Stay ahead of the game, offer something different

Online training is now a major part of the fitness industry. Stay ahead of the competition by offering your clients and followers a more effective, personalised experience.

Take your place among world-class trainers and elevate your online fitness experience by creating your Virtual Studio now.